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Meet Ms.Eid

Hi! My name is Yasmeen Eid and I am currently teaching Visual Communications (aka Graphic Design) for grades 9-12. I’m passionate about all things graphic design. From web design, marketing, print design, and packaging design, I love to figure out how we can apply graphics into our daily lives. Before pursuing teaching, I was a Project Manager and Art Director working on experiential marketing projects. I had the opportunity to build websites, figure out how to develop and scale large format graphics for events, work on trade show booths, and create branding guidelines and logos for new companies. 

Feel free to explore this site to learn more about the work I have done as well as a glimpse at some of the projects my students have worked on. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Personal Work

In my previous work experience, I have worked on graphic design projects that range from packaging to logo design, to websites. I am a creative problem solver and like working with clients to see how we can help their brand/business.

Student Work

Students throughout the course of graphic design will learn concepts around color theory, positive/negative space, composition, typography, marketing, logo design, and more. 


  • Responsive Teaching Fellowship 

  • Ethnic Studies Seminar

  • Voices & Perspectives: Black Males on the Current Pulse of the Nation

  • California Art Education Association Conference

  • Remembering the Holocaust, Henia Lewin

  • Mendez v Westminister Webinar, Sylvia Mendez

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